Our Philosophy

At Happy Times Child Care & Early Learning Centre we aim to meet the needs of families

At Happy Times Child Care & Early Learning Centre, we aim to meet the needs of our families through flexibility of service, while providing the best care and education for your child in a warm, secure, safe, caring, loving, nurturing, and anti bias environment.

We believe that parents and guardians are a child’s “first educators” and our emphasis is on those partnerships. We aim to make the bridge between home and centre as close as possible. Children and their families are the core of our wider community, which we bring together as we encourage them to share, their culture, language and home experiences with us. We strive to form the bonds and ties whilst respecting individual lifestyle, value, belief, their rights and opinions. Families are encouraged to participate in the program and share in decision making, with not only their children, but the overall ways in which the centre operates.

We provide an interest based and inclusive program, full of natural resources to stimulating wonder, encourage creativity and exploration. We believe children learn best through play and we aim to provide an environment, full of rich opportunities and intrigue, that fosters uninterrupted and supported play, as the children develop their independence and sense of empowerment through decision making and choice.

At Happy Times we believe it is vital for the children to be connected with the community. We offer the opportunity for children to go with educators to the local shops, Cafe’s, Parkdale Library, Local Walks and park to expand the learning environment from the classroom to the wider community. We have a four seater pram to cater for younger children to venture out and about within the community also.

Quality programming develops a child’s dispositions and stimulates their ability to learn to their fullest potential. We as educators embrace the Early Years Learning Framework, to guide our focus and ensure we look at each individual child as a whole. We foster relationships to create a sense of ‘belonging’ for families. We recognize all children as competent, capable and knowledgeable individuals, giving them a sense of ‘being’. And we offer a place and program that empowers and supports them through challenges, at each stage of their development. Giving them a sense of ‘becoming’.

We commit to ongoing professional training and learning in the field, as we continue to improve the quality of service and standard of care we provide.

It is our aim to provide a loving, equality, caring, and nurturing environment that promotes each child’s learning and development, self esteem and individuality, whilst having a day with lots of fun.