Our Programs

We pride ourselves on our approach to programming which considers each child as an individual

We at Happy Times believe strongly in the bonds and partnerships between the children, families, educators and community. Our aim is building a bridge between these aspects of a child’s environment and social life, to bring them all together to foster a well-rounded, balanced and independent child.

Our programs are interest based and focus on Learning Through Play, as we believe that every child not only learns and develops in their own way, but will take on that which is important to them through this way of teaching.

Play spaces are open ended, which allows all children to gain a sense of achievement, while still providing opportunities for further extension. They are set up with an intent and purpose to allow children to explore and use their imaginations.

A sense of empowerment occurs for the children when we create a learning environment that embraces each child’s uniqueness and learning styles.

Educators look to the Early Years Learning Framework to guide their practices. They link their planning and paper work through the EYLF, Principles & Practices and to Theorists in which their work relates.

Planning and individual Portfolios are always available for viewing and family input. We work hand in hand with families, who are encouraged and supported to participate in programing and collaboration ideas regarding the centre and their children. This partnership ensures consistency between the home and learning environment, providing your child with the best, most supportive and nurturing, start in life.

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